The Handsome Farmer

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who lived with his aged father and mother who loved him dearly. They owned a simple farm, and being found in a pleasant valley, it was ever fruitful, and they lacked no good thing.

The farmer’s parents, being both aged and poor in sight, could not help with the chores, and so the farmer was left to work the fields alone.

He would work from first light to the setting of the sun, tending to the fields and the few animals they had.

The farm lay close to a tiny village, and often while in the fields, the farmer would see people coming and going out of the village. To the passersby, the farm and the farmer were about as plain as any in the whole country, and so they would never stop long to talk with the farmer or admire his farm.

This displeased the farmer. He was lonely in the fields, and wanted to be noticed and admired. And while his parents could not see him or his work, they loved him dearly and expressed their pride in him for his service to them in their old age.

But the farmer grew more and more displeased and decided to visit the witch who lived in the dark forest just outside the village.

Seeing him approach her cottage, the bended witch cried out, “What is it that you wish for? To you it can be given!”

“I wish to be the most handsome farmer in the land, and to have the most exquisite farm.”

The witch approached the farmer and reaching out her withered hand, touched his face and arm: “To you it has been given!” she said, and disappeared in a cloud of smoke from before him.

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