Good Morning, This Is Your Wake Up Call

“There are two and only two classes of men. There are those who worship and serve the creature, and there are those who worship and serve the Creator. There are covenant breakers and there are covenant keepers… It is a part of the task of Christian apologetics to make men self-consciously either covenant keepers or covenant breakers (Christian Apologetics, Cornelius Van Til, p. 62-3).”

If Scripture Speaks, Listen

“Scripture gives definite information of a most fundamental character about all the facts and principles with which philosophy and science deal… This does not imply that philosophy and science must be exclusively dependent upon theology for their basic principles. It implies only that philosophy and science must, as well as theology, turn to Scripture for whatever light it has to offer on general principles and particular facts (Christian Apologetics, Cornelius Van Til, p. 61).”

Man Fell Far

“When man fell, it was therefore an attempt to do without God in every respect. Man sought his ideals of truth, goodness, and beauty somewhere beyond God, either directly within himself or indirectly within the universe about him. Originally man had interpreted the universe under the direction of God, but now he sought to interpret the universe without reference to God (Christian Apologetics, Cornelius Van Til, p. 42).”

And That Covers Pretty Much Everything

“This view of Scripture [that it speaks not only of religious and moral matters, but also of history, philosophy of history, the physical universe, etc.], therefore, involves the idea that there is nothing in this universe on which human beings can have full and true information unless they take the Bible into account” (Christian Apologetics, Cornelius Van Til, p. 20).