The Knowledge of God: Part VI (The Institutes for Kids)

Man is sadly blind to the message of God’s works

God shows us a lot, so that we can know what he’s like and the things he does.

Sadly, each of us, with such a brilliant display set before us, close our eyes and say, “Nothing to see here!”

When we see earthly beauty, we don’t then look upwards to think, “Who made this?”

When we feel a thrill when the wicked are judged and the humble are lifted, we don’t praise the one who governs such things, but shrug our shoulders and say, “Ah, that’s just luck! Happy chance, that’s all it is.”

We’ve each figured out ways to see God’s works without seeing him!

Even the smartest among us… Plato, for instance! … are forced to turn our minds into Play-Doh so that we don’t have to praise and honour the creator.

Yes, Hippopotamuses actually exist.

Now it has to be said: the problem isn’t within these visible signposts God’s put in front of us–the problem is us!

While God gives enough light to everyone so that no-one has an excuse (“Hey! I had no clue there was a God out there!”), we close our eyes tight enough so that the light doesn’t saturate us and cause us to believe.

The only way to open our eyes fully and let the light in is by faith–faith tears the curtains off, and lets the full meaning of creation burst in!

You might say, “That’s not fair! I don’t believe, so why am I being blamed for not opening my eyes?”

Ah! But not believing is on you too!

We really are without any excuse.

Everyday, from all around us, creation is declaring to us who God is.

Creation, though it can’t speak, proclaims! Thought it doesn’t have eyes, it reveals! Though it is itself unreasoning, it teaches!

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