The Knowledge of God: Part V (The Institutes for Kids)

God revealed in his works of providence

A second way God makes himself known to every last person on Earth is in the way he rules the Earth; this is God’s “providence.” In the first way, God lets his rain fall on the just and the unjust; in this second way, he rains down punishment on wicked people, and rains down goodness on innocent people.

Have you seen this? How often we see evil people get their comeuppance and how needy people are helped up! There’s something to this that makes us say, “Wow! That’s great!”

Now, sadly, this doesn’t always happen cleanly and instantly. Sometimes there’s a gap; and during that gap, we hold our breath waiting for things to reverse.

The ache we feel in the gap and the expectancy in our held breath tells us something: God is patient and merciful! For all of us who know we’ve ignored God’s holy law and done awful things to our neighbours, this gap is a grace–God wants to win us over with his love!

But these mercy-gaps don’t last forever. In a moment, whether in this life or the next, with scary-strong power, the proud are brought to nothing. Those who thought they could reach up to heaven are suddenly driven down… and way more than six feet deep. And those who were one moment in the dust, are in an instant elevated in glorious triumph!

Have you felt this?: You’re reading the news or a good story, and when the wicked are shattered and the weak made strong, you say, “Hurray!” That’s God’s providence; he’s showing us who’s actually in charge and that he rules well.

God accessible to the heart

If you want to know God, there’s good news: He’s not very far away from you!

Consider God’s world! Marvel at God’s providence! The whole world is invited to know God and enjoy him!

Would you gaze at the world-wide canvas God is painting on? There’s lots about the Artist we can know just by looking.

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