The Knowledge of God: Part IV (The Institutes for Kids)

God revealed in his manifold works of creation

The best gift God can give us is himself. We’re only really happy when we know the God who made us and loves us.

So, because he loves us, God makes himself known to us. We’re small and he’s big (really big), so he reveals himself in ways we can handle. Like a stuffed animal trying to hold the sun, a full, unfiltered blast of God is a bit more than you or I can manage.

In kindness, and so we can enjoy him, God reveals himself to us in better ways:

First, he makes himself known in the biggest and the littlest parts of the world (and everything in-between). If we just open our eyes and look… SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! God’s glory shines out everywhere!

The world is beautiful! It’s a masterpiece! The whole universe is dazzling and dizzying in just how wild and wise and wonderful it is!

This doesn’t take smarts or religious chops to understand. You could be a prophet or a pirate, it doesn’t matter: when you look up or down or side to side, sparks of God’s creative wonders are everywhere (Psalm 19:1-4).

Have you looked into astronomy? Peaked into an anatomy and physiology textbook? Dabbled in nature studies? You’re going to quickly run out of fingers if you start to count the wonders of this world we all live in. That there is a God, and that he is a skilled designer, an artist to the max, should be as plain as peanut butter to you.

Each of the bazillion stars above are constantly dancing to an unheard tune, and yet not one of them has ever missed a step.

The human body is a marvel of balance, beauty, and usefulness; it’s a cleverly made meat-machine, that sings, dances, sleeps, cuts firewood, makes babies and is powered by (what else?!) bread and wine. Its Maker should get all the inventor awards there are.

Have you ever been caught outside in a thunderstorm? Is God’s power not obvious? Have you felt the wind and the rain pounding against you? Have you seen lightning, brilliant and terrifying, tear across the night sky? God stirs up thirty-foot waves, and then smoothes the sea out as easily as someone making a bed. God is good, but clearly not one to be trifled with either.

This world is a living, breathing, eating, baseball-playing, work of art-making work of art. But where did it all begin? Why does it continue? Because it was made by an eternal God who is good, and whose artwork is meant to reveal to us just a whiff, just a speck of his greatness.

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