Prefatory Letter to King Francis: Part VII (The Institutes for Kids)

Satan’s purpose: to discredit the gospel

There’s a pattern here: God’s word lightens things up, Satan tries to close the curtains. God’s word starts its march, Satan prepares the ambush. Yes, things were quieter before we started preaching, but that just means run-of-the-mill preaching helps Satan gets his eight hours a night. Now that we’ve woken him up, he’s whetting his knives.


Like highwaymen, there are rebels who will use this gospel to conceal their hatred and evil plans. But they’re rebels! They’ll use anything to get what they want. Their misuse of the gospel doesn’t make it false or dangerous.

Look at Jesus and the Apostles: wherever they went, things got heated. Wicked people twisted what they said, too. Should Jesus and the Apostles have stopped their work and said the gospel was bad, because it often led to trouble? No way! They simply steeled themselves, took up their shields, got ready for a rough road ahead, and kept right on preaching.

That’s our plan too, and we’re sticking to it.


Please don’t get tricked, O great king! I’d be angry too if I thought teachers outside the Big Shiny Church were trying to take your throne away and burn your kingdom to the ground. But look at us: when we’re imprisoned and beaten, we pray for your safety. When we’re taken from our homes, we pray that God protects your kingdom. When what we have is taken away, we pray you will prosper.

There are many who say they’re part of our cause but are just imposters and real evil people. Some of your counsellors will say we’re all like that; don’t believe them. That’s why I wrote you like this, to try to soften your heart enough so you’d give us a fair listen-to. Please, don’t plug your ears to the good news of Jesus because of how the frauds make us look or how our enemies paint us.

But even if you won’t listen to us, we’ll be patient and persistent and prayerful.

May the Lord Jesus, the King of kings, build you a throne of justice and fairness, our strong and honoured king.

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