“… Johnson?”


I am a blessed man.

The Bible teaches there is blessedness in obeying God and turning from sin (Psalms 1 and 24). And yet as I sit at my desk, often feeling not a bit obedient or faithful, the fact remains: I am blessed by God.

Genesis 15 is the story of God blessing Abram by entering into a covenant with him (along with Gen. 12 and 17). This covenant ensured perpetual blessings of life and land and legacy to Abram. His family, and eventually all the families of the world, would get wrapped up in these blessings.

Abram’s faith in God and the covenant promises was all that was required of him (v. 6).

Now, what did Abram’s new life of faith look like? Did he roll up his sleeves and get to work? Did he strategize land acquisitions and draft fertility charts?

…for a blessed man, rest is a most appropriate response.

No. He took a nap: “As the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell on Abram” (v. 12a).

Imagine this scenario in a corporate boardroom:

“Well, Johnson, I believe the contract is in order. I’ll take you into my organization. This guarantees the perpetual growth of your company for generations. Congratulations, Johnson.”
“Zzz… zzz…”
“… Johnson?”

“Fear not, Abram. I am your sword and your shield. I will bless you and yours from this day until forever.”
“Zzz… zzz…”
“… Abram?”

Abram believed. He was blessed by God. And for a blessed man, rest is a most appropriate response.

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