Blame Church Planting


I’ve been on a bit of blogging hiatus and wanted to give a brief explanation for it.

Not that I was writing at a breakneck speed (that’s right, count ’em–ten whole original posts since February!), but I wanted to keep something consistent going.

This is what happened:

In April, my wife and I went through a church planting assessment with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and about a month later we welcomed our forth little one.

Excitingly, we received a provisional recommendation to plant a church with the PCA in the next year or two. We received no such recommendation for being parents.

So, we’ve been occupying our time with thinking through vision and values for a potential church plant, cities we might be interested in visiting, contacting friends of friends who are interested in seeing a PCA church near them, asking experienced church planters every question that pops in our heads, all while frequently changing diapers, cleaning spit-ups, and preventing the elder siblings’ love for the newborn from verging on violence.

Now begins a pretty exciting new phase for our family. Indulge me as I give you the occasional update on this church planting journey; I’d be happy to have you along for the ride.

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