Prefatory Letter to King Francis: Part II (The Institutes for Kids)

Plight of the persecuted

I know what you’ve heard sounds real bad, but what they’re saying about us just isn’t true! And it’s not fair if you take their side without listening to our side of the story too!

foxes.jpgThey say what we believe will rip up your kingdom, make everyone fuss and cry, and start a never-ending fist fight. Basically–so they say–we want to ruin everything for everyone everywhere. Now if they’re right, they’re right: we deserve a time-out and countless early bedtimes. But how do you know what they’re saying is true if we can’t say a word to defend ourselves?!

I want you, most seriously big-crowned King, to give us a listen. Let me make the case. Let me defend God’s poor little church. Because, to be honest, if you don’t lead according to God’s word, you’re not a king but a crook.

I’ve heard people call us stupid, foolish, and easily-tricked. That we’re a bunch of poor stinky weaklings. Meh, I say to all that. Jesus saves people who can’t brag about a thing and so go to him for help. If we’re naked, he gives us clothes. If we’re empty, he fills us. If we’re blind, he gives us sight. The thing we believe, the thing that’s making everybody so mad at us, is this: we’re weak and needy, and God is strong and loves us.

Anyway, we’re not that offended. This is all out of the Bible, not out of our heads.

Of course, those complaining priests of yours don’t agree with this. But have you ever wondered why?

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