The Institutes for Kids!

P16-531_titre_(6206969365)When John Calvin was finishing off his 1514 edition of The Institutes of the Christian Religion, a popular Christian-book publisher approached him and asked if he would be willing to write a companion volume of his magnum opus that was “totally fun and safe for kids!” Being a broad-minded man, John Calvin jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, it didn’t sell past its first printing, and very few copies remain.

A few months ago I received a package from Geneva, Switzerland containing a fairly well preserved illustrated edition of The Institutes for Kids I bought on Ebay.

I’ve only started the translation work, and so I’ll be posting section by section as I go. I’ll be using the section titles from Robert White’s excellent translation of the full edition because the Kids version employed Renaissance-style woodcut pictures instead of section headings.

And now, for the first time in English, here it is: The Institutes for Kids!

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