Instaform Habigram


Let’s zoom in. Seeing education as the process of training us what to love makes us look at our daily habits differently. You can’t cruise your Instagram feed just to pass the time; its very nature is to powerfully form or deform you.

James K.A. Smith says these beautiful, strong, creative, and happy people are more than app-based entertainment or inspiration; they’re, “embodied pictures of the redeemed that invite us to imagine ourselves in their shoes–to imagine ourselves otherwise.”

Without saying a word (unless you’re following an outright boaster, Floyd Mayweather-type), these “embodied pictures” are catechizing your heart with images. You’re learning to love what they love. You’re learning to love how they love. “Happiness and meaning can be yours, as it is now mine, if you would only join CrossFit, or take this cooking class, or voice your outrage, or renovate your basement, or start dating someone good-looking!”

Lots of other daily habits are like this. They are our regular submission to a form of education. Are these habits forming or deforming your loves? Are you learning to love things worthy of love, the Triune God of the Bible and the things he loves, or are your affections being tutored in the ways of lesser gods and their lesser works?

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