The Good Education


We’re trying to process “education” up in here. Our eldest is approaching school-age, and she’s starting to ask questions.

A while back, Brit started hanging out in Charlotte Mason’s web and I’ve been digging into James K. A. Smith’s work. What follows is a many-parted post (a nugget-bonanza, if you will) on education:

Education is teaching you to love. A good education teaches you to love the best things.

Education doesn’t only happen in schools and lecture halls, where new ideas and new information is transmitted–education happens wherever you’re learning to love. Homes, malls, places of worship, Facebook and Instagram, what’s heard in music and seen on the screen shape and inform our loves–they’re teaching us, with or without words, to “love this and not that.”

We’re always being educated, but often, we’re not receiving a good education.

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